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People of Britain – the Nationwide Reform Party has be set up to be your party – give it your support and together we will make Britain great again for everyone.

The Nationwide Reform Party is one of Britain’s newest political parties and was founded to provide a real alternative to the major parties at Westminster. As things stand the Labour Party and Conservative Party take it in turns to govern our country – they have done so for 60 years and unless the Nationwide Reform Party harnesses the support of the British people they will continue to take it in turns to govern for the next 60 years. The Liberal Democrats, UKIP and other minority political parties already at Westminster have failed to offer a manifesto capable of securing them enough seats to be a real force in 20th Century British politics and show no evidence of doing any better in the 21st Century; in opposition they have been found weak and wanting.


All parties currently represented at Westminster copy each others ideas – like the public school boys many of them were, cribbing each others home work, only addressing the symptoms of the problems our country faces for instant recognition rather than tackling the real underlying causes and offering  no real tangible plan for the future of Britain beyond the next general election – tailoring what action they take to short term, vote winning initiatives (most of which provide good sound bites when they are announced but which in most cases are poorly thought through and offer no real long term solution) unlikely to be effective.


The Nationwide Reform Party proposes to offer itself as the party of the people for the people – we want the people to step forward and stand as candidates and / or vote  in future General Elections, we want to get the people of Britain to stop being bored by politics and in the future to start taking an interest in the running and management of their own country again, we want the people to get behind the NRP and together we will be the architects of 21st Century Britain; rebuilding our country for everyone.


The Nationwide Reform Party recognises that there is a lot wrong with many aspects of our country. We propose to offer through our manifesto a long term plan for the future of our country that will tackle the current problems and prepare the ground in advance so as we can adjust to new problems that we will face in the future.


The Nationwide Reform Party have tried to set out in this web site some of the real issues that must be addressed if Britain is to maintain its independence as a nation and remain free of arms length government by Europe. The NRP want to re-establish Britain as a major economic power capable of paying off the borrowings of the Labour Government – not from budget cuts or increased taxes – by creating new profitable businesses that will export goods and services to the world that will put the money back in to Britain and allow for the repayment of our national debt.


The Nationwide Reform Party will not be offering any candidates to contest local government elections as we are opposed to party politics at a local level – we believe local councillors should be independent of any political party representing the areas where they live without a direct allegiance to a political party whose policies may be contrary to those of the party governing the Country. The NRP will stop delegating and start centralising the management of our country (Tesco’s head office does not delegate policing making to individual stores they centrally plan and have local store implement that policy achieving successful results in the process) taking back and facing up to the responsibility that embodies. The NRP want town and borough councils to be local offices of Westminster accessible to the people, ensuring that we all areas of the country get the same standard of public services with just one policy being made for all parts of our country rather than every part of the country making their own separate policy.


The Nationwide Reform Party is anti Europe – we believe we fought the First and Second World Wars to prevent our country coming under the control of a European dictator and the NRP does not think it is right to turn round now and give control of our country away to Europe. Britain joined the European Economic Community to be part of a trading block not to be governed by the European Union – that trading block did not work for British industry and so we should resign from the European Union with immediate effect rather than allowing ourselves to sucked further in. Accordingly we will not be offering candidates for election to the European Parliament – all our efforts will be dedicated towards the management and re-development of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland as an independent nation.


At the next General Election Jonathan Worth, Founder and Leader of the Nationwide Reform Party will offer himself as a candidate in the constituency of Milton Keynes South. If the people of Milton Keynes South will give him their votes and send Jonathan to the House of Commons as their Member of Parliament he will work tirelessly for the benefit of Milton Keynes, will strive to serve the needs of the people of Milton Keynes South and on the opposition benches will debate vigorously for the policies of the Nationwide Reform Party and the best possible future for Britain. With Jonathan elected in 2009 it is anticipated that by the time the following General Election is called the Nationwide Reform Party will be able to field a candidate in every constituency in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and have a very real chance of forming a government within five years.


The 60 Second Manifesto

The policies of The Nationwide Reform Party are committed to:

We do not just think crime is important but we are going to build prisons, we are going to put more people in prison and keep then in prison for longer periods and keep doing so until we get control of crime in this country.
We do not just recognise pensions as an exist problem we want to reform the state pension providing free energy to the old as well as the paid pension.
We are not just about being green and recycling we are going to take back in to state control the utility companies so as we can control the country and move away from reliance on oil and gas - we will ensure that when gas and oil run out this country has already made the conversion.
We are going to set the wheels in motion for the replacement of the combustion engine with electric motors. We are going to make public transport a viable alternative to personal cars by taking it back into state control and making it available to everybody, cheaply and at the times when people need to travel without long waits.
We are going to ensure there is an affordable home for everybody that wants one - we are not going to build affordable houses that people must buy but we will make available houses at rents that everybody can afford to pay even the young and those rents we will recycled back to fund the pensions.
Put the NRP into Government and we WILL hold a referendum to bring Britain out of Europe!
We will put an end to local councils squandering council tax payers money
We want to abolish student loans in respect of further education for post 18 year old University / college students in favour corporate sponsorship deals


The Nationwide Reform Party will redevelop the UK and Northern Ireland to continue as a major world economy, with a thriving industrial base.
* The Nationwide Reform Party want the UK and Northern Ireland to keep its own currency, and its own identity. For the UK and Northern Ireland to be self governing; free of the constraints of Europe.

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